8 Week Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp

Learn how to transition into the nomad lifestyle, make money on the road, overcome challenges working remotely, finance full-time travel, & create an action plan to accomplish your goals.

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Are you waiting to live out your dreams of being a nomad, working remotely, and/or starting your own business on the road, but you just don't know where to start?

Well, I have amazing news for you! I'm excited to share with you that I've opened enrollment for the beta course of Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp that is your answer for trading in your traditional life to being a digital nomad. Life is sweet on the road! I might have a few bruises from pinching myself all the time - well - because I pinch myself daily that I get to live this incredible life that I actively created!


So, if you're looking to be mentored on how to transition into nomad life, overcome concerns/stressors, work remotely on the road, build a business, and leave with an Action Plan.....

Then read through the rest of this page and join me and other wannabe nomads each week in our live video calls and let's support each other!

Registration is closed for the current class, but we'll be starting again soon so click the link below to join the waitlist and be notified when the doors open.

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Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp is...

...hosted by Amber Baldwin with decades of starting businesses and mentoring people to achieve their goals

Founder of Story Chasing, perpetual solo traveler, writer, and entrepreneur. I gave up the 9-5 to fulfill a dream of traveling full-time and to document the stories along my journey as I meet people on the road. My background of 30 years in corporate finance and accounting has allowed me to share my knowledge with wannabe nomads on how to finance a full-time travel lifestyle and start an online business on the road.


My life has been transformed by this nomadic life. 


I honestly can't see changing this life anytime soon. It's the most incredible feeling to be able to travel full-time, meet friends and family around the country, change your back yard as often as you'd like, see places you've never dreamed or heard of before, and watch the same sun rise and set around the country and to a different landscape.


It's a different life than before. Now I experience this incredible freedom - this joy - like I've never known. 


I smile more. I laugh more. I shed tears of joy when I see this awesome beauty around me.


I get to connect more with people and really engage with them, learn about their lives, and share in a moment.


I've overcome my fears of traveling solo, but only by pushing through those fears by pure "action". 


This incredible nomadic life didn't just happen. I actively created it - every aspect of it....


....and that's what I'm here to show you. Come join me in the journey!

Mentorship & Community = Successful Digital Nomad

If you've never been RVing or lived as a digital nomad on the road, it can be daunting thinking about all the things you need to do and know for this lifestyle.

Let's face it - being a nomad is different than how most of us were brought up in a traditional "sticks-n-bricks" house and society.

What is it that you don't know that could come up and maybe didn't even think to ask or research.

  • There's not only the questions about living a nomadic life, but how you can make money on the road.
  • Should you find a job on the road or are you wanting to start a business and be an entrepreneur?
  • How do you afford this lifestyle?
  • Will it be more expensive or less expensive than your current way of living?
  • Will you be lonely on the road?
  • How do you find community?
  • What are the challenges of working remotely?
  • How do you stay focused on the road when working remotely?
  • How do you start a business on the road?
  • Where do you stay each night?
  • Do you boondock (what exactly is that anyways) or stay in campgrounds?
  • What fears and concerns do you need to overcome and move forward towards your goals?
  • How do you manifest your goals and create an action plan that will allow you to reach your dreams?

All these questions and more will be answered in the 8 Week Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp!

I've Developed a Process So You Can Achieve Your Goals

When you integrate the course modules and learn my Create. Do. Live. Principle. - well - some really cool things will happen....

  1. You're going to walk away with an Action Plan that sets you up for success and tailored towards your specific goals.
  2. Your questions and concerns will be answered during our live video calls so come prepared.
  3. You'll discover how to make money on the road and support your nomadic lifestyle whether that's a remote job or a business you start.
  4. You'll be able to map out your next steps with how to move forward with working remotely and transitioning to nomad life.
  5. You'll learn your travel style so you can set-up a budget (I know it's such an ugly word for most, but I'll make it as painless as possible) and know your costs. 
  6. If you're traveling with a pet, you'll learn the do's and don'ts and how to keep your pet safe as well as traveling to Mexico and Canada with your pet.
  7. You'll learn about traveling internationally to Canada and Mexico in your RV.
  8. You'll learn about safety on the road.
  9. You'll learn more about paying off debt from a special guest speaker I already have lined up.
  10. You'll find out the challenges of working remotely on the road and what technology you'll need.
  11. You'll learn more about building a business online and what tools you'll need whether that's a service oriented business, educational, or YouTube.
  12. You'll learn how to visualize and manifest your goals and dreams through a series of simple, actionable steps.

There is one caveat to all of this - 

You must be serious about achieving your goals and putting these steps into action.

If you're not serious and ready to participate in our live video calls, then maybe this isn't the course for you right now.

You might have fears and you might have concerns about taking this next step; however...

"On the other side of fear is your greatest success!"

Speaking from experience - my life is so much better for pushing through those challenges and fears and overcoming! I pinch myself daily that this is the life I get to lead.


It's a life I actively created though. There's no happenstance or luck here.

You can do the same my friend!

By the end of our time together, you'll be well on your way to achieving your goals and following your dreams!

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The 8 Week Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp is a step-by-step program designed to build your Action Plan and get you on the road and achieving your goals and dreams.

I'll start by walking you through the Create. Do. Live. Principle and how to integrate with every module in the course so that by the end of the course you have a step-by-step action plan.

Then I'll guide you through each module where you'll be able to learn about each subject and then ask questions during the live video calls each week. It's like having a one-on-one session through support on the live video calls and in the private Facebook group.

By the end of the bootcamp, you'll know how to apply the Create. Do. Live. Principle to all areas of your life, have an Action Plan ready to implement, and working towards your goals immediately.

Whether you are here to learn:

  • Transitioning into nomad life
  • Starting a business
  • Working remotely
  • Learning how to buy your first RV
  • Overcoming fears and obstacles
  • ...or learning your travel style and budget...

...you'll understand exactly what you need in order to move forward towards your goals. 

Here's How It Works

Week Format

Each week you'll learn a course module then get on a LIVE video call with me and the group to get additional training, interact with your peers, ask questions, and discuss each module.

Each Week

You'll get exercises each week based on the Create. Do. Live. Principle so you can create your Action Plan as you move through each module of the course.

LIVE Group
Weekly Video Calls

Each week you'll hop on a call with Amber where you can ask your questions, discuss the weekly module, learn from your peers, and receive additional training.

Through Community

You'll get access to a private Facebook group where Amber and your other peers in the Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp can give you quick feedback and support you in achieving your goals.

Action Plan

You'll walk away with your Action Plan at the end of the 8 weeks as you implement the Create. Do. Live. Principle in each module, each week.

Guest Speaker(s)
& Bonuses

Included in the 8 Week Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp is access to expert guest speakers and additional bonus material and resources.

Your 2019 Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp Curriculum

The LIVE video sessions are on Saturdays at 10:00 AM PDT/1:00 PM EDT and will last for an hour to an hour and half each session. These sessions are meant to be fun, interactive, and additional training. Each session we will:

  • Follow-up on the previous week's assignment.
  • Q&A on this week's topic.
  • Additional live training.
  • Interactive questions answered.
  • This is your time to learn and work towards your goals.

The following are the topics we'll discuss each week:

Week 1 (June 22, 2019)

Introduction & Understanding Create. Do. Live. Principle

  • Prior to our first meeting you'll study module 1 and finish your first assignment
  • You'll learn the Create. Do. Live. Principle and how it relates to each module in the course

Week 2 (June 29, 2019)

Transitioning into Nomad Life

  • In Week 2 we'll look at what the transition to a nomadic lifestyle looks like
  • We'll talk about should you sell your home and everything in it or rent it and get a storage unit
  • What types of supplies do you need on the road for your RV
  • Should you quit your job and find a job working remotely or can you turn your current job into remote work
  • Strategy for going back to a sticks-n-bricks house if you opt for this choice
  • How do you get mail on the road
  • Downsizing your life
  • ...and more

Week 3 (July 6, 2019)

Overcoming Stresses/Fears & Boondocking

We'll learn about the following:

  • Solo traveling
  • Fears of not knowing how to RV or boondock
  • Fears of productivity working remotely & managing travel at the same time
  • Safety on the road

Week 4 (July 13, 2019)

Buying an RV / Travel Style & Traveling with a Pet

  • Learning which RV is best for you
  • Financing an RV for full-time travel
  • Insurance
  • Learn your personal travel style so you can set-up your budget and know your expenses
  • Safety in traveling with a pet
  • Traveling to Canada and Mexico with your pet

Week 5 (July 20, 2019)

Budgeting & Getting Debt-Free

  • Know your costs
  • Create a budget from my real-life budget template
  • Do you need to be debt-free to travel full-time
  • Learn tips for getting debt free

Week 6 (July 27, 2019)

Remote Jobs and Challenges of Working Remotely

  • You'll learn about the types of jobs available to nomads
  • What kind of remote jobs are available
  • Contract work 
  • When you should start your own business
  • Challenges of working remotely, i.e. technology, staying focused, accountability, Internet, and boondocking

Week 7 (August 3, 2019)

Building an Online Business

  • Overview of YouTube channel management
  • Social media platforms to market your business
  • Overview of branding your business
  • Blogging and starting a website
  • Resources and tools needed
  • Sponsors and ad revenue income streams

Week 8 (August 10, 2019)

Finalizing Your Action Plan with Create. Do. Live. Principle

  • Learn how to manifest and visualize your dreams
  • Become a manifesting machine
  • You'll finalize your action plan
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WARNING! Action Required!

In order to fulfill your dreams - you must produce action. It doesn't have to be massive action, but small, daily actionable steps will get you to your goal.

Lastly, interaction on the video calls is a must to get out of the course what you'll need to move forward.

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14 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp has a 14 day money back guarantee.

This gives you 2 weeks to start learning, participate in the video calls, and understand how this course can change your life.

If during the 14 days you don't feel you're getting the value you had hoped for, then shoot me an email showing me the course work you've completed and I'll issue a prompt refund.

What You Get in the Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp

Here's everything you'll get with the Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp:

  • Every week for 8 weeks you'll get on a LIVE video call with me and your nomadic peers in an interactive learning experience.
  • You'll get weekly assignments to learn more about the course topics and to complete your Create. Do. Live. Action Plan so that by the 8th week you'll only need to finalize the plan.
  • You'll get 8 weeks of course modules packed with tons of information to get you on the road and thinking about how to work remotely or start a business.
  • You'll get access to a private, community Facebook group for quick feedback and support from us all.
  • You'll walk away with your Action Plan on the last week knowing exactly what steps you'll need to take to reach your goals.
  • You'll get a budget template so you'll know your costs.
  • Bonuses including a guest speaker(s) and additional resources.
  • Lifetime access to all updates
  • ....and so much more!

No matter what your launch date is for traveling, or maybe you've already set out on the road, you'll get more information to make decisions on sustaining the nomad life, how to start a business, how to find remote jobs, and manifest your dreams into reality!

I'm so excited to go on this journey with you!

Amber Baldwin

Story Chasing, Founder

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